About LCD

by Laura Williams

For many years, I have loved beads, purchasing them in stores and pondering over the endless combinations that I could create with them. However, I lacked the knowledge and tools necessary to get started. In 2009 I discovered a friend of mine possessed both the knowledge and the tools and she passed her skills on to me. I continue to enjoy learning, creating and sharing my jewelry with others.

Look for simple mixtures of deep green and silver, or more complex combination of colors and materials bound together through the intentional use of completely random order. I tend to deviate from designs that appear ‘perfect’ and find satisfaction in mixing materials and colors in a way that compliments the natural imperfections of the materials!

If you have certain materials or colors that you prefer, my custom-made pieces are only a question away. Creating custom jewelry gives me an opportunity to relax while thinking about others; making something that is both special and memorable. If you do not find a piece that you just love, let us see what we can create!

Prices are dependent upon the market value of the purchased materials and the amounts used. I make a variety of styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, and even eyeglass holders!

You can purchase my work at: 
Laurel Creek Designs Etsy

If you would like to order a custom piece, you can contact me at:  Laurel Creek Designs